A stroll back in time

So after being inactive for a long  time I am back again with a lot to talk about. So today as I was lying down listening to some music when some memories gushed back.

Well, this was in 2010 when after being at home for seven years mum dropped me at one boarding school again. This time my school was an all girls’ school and I had never been to one before.

All the new students were asked to report earlier than the old ones. We were all new there, nervous and sad when our parents left. Many of us cried and few of the bold ones comforted us. I can clearly remember that night when we went to bed after orientation. I could hear sobs from the upper bunk and the one next to mine and the one next to it too. We all lay awake that night with tear stains all over our pillows and we knew even our parents didn’t sleep that night.

I kind of wanted the night to get over soon. I was eager to see what happened next. The next morning all the other students started arriving and we all got busy introducing ourselves, making new friends and just living in that moment.

Life…though not very good was quite good before. We were younger than we are now, there was no fear of being judged, we didn’t have to bother about making first impressions, nobody cared how you dressed or how you looked. We could just live in the moment rather than the past or the furture.

I wish I could undo and redo so many things that happened. I wish I could relive those moments again.


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