Heart breaks make you stronger

Has it ever happened with you that you gave everything you had to someone or something and ended up with just a broken heart? Heart breaks hurt. They make you cry but they help you get stronger than ever. The choice is always yours whether you want to continue crying over it or cry once, wipe your tears and walk out of it as a stronger being.

I am the kind of person who attaches meaning to everything she does and everyone who means something to her and often ends up with a broken heart. But my past experiences have taught me to be stronger, to accept whatever the situation is and move on, to hope that something better awaits me and be careful the next time.

Hearts are not only broken in relationships but even when you long for something and give it your best but somewhere you fail. Maybe you wanted that scholarship your college was providing, you studied day and night for it and worked hard but at the end of the day someone else bagged it. You might cry. You might feel lost and hurt and heart broken. Its not wrong to cry. Crying helps you feel better but there comes a point when you need to stop. Why not think it the other way and convince yourself that God has a  better plan in my mind and that’s why you didn’t get it?

What is yours will always be yours and what is not will somehow escape your grip even if you initially catch hold of it. You meet many people in life… you depart with many. Many meetings are the last meetings. Everyone has to leave one day. Hearts are broken when a loved one leaves and sometimes never comes back. Why not remember the happy memories and the time you got to spend with them instead of making yourself miserable. The person who left would definitely not want to see you cry for them.

When you get your heart broken in a relationship try mending the relationship first as every relationship matters. But if its gone and broken then mend your heart first. Convince yourself that whatever happened was maybe not meant to happen and whatever happened happened for the good.

If any thing bad happens and we end up getting hurt we tend to look at everything from a very negative perspective and miss out on so many things and opportunities around us. Whoever is reading this… I would ask you for a promise. A promise that you will keep forever. A promise that whenever whatever happens you will always look at the situation form a positive perspective and try to look at the brighter side. I know it’s easy said than done but trust me it’s all in your mind. Once you can convince your mind you will be the strongest and you will definitely have the strength to deal with whatever comes your way.


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