The day when I realized I was in a boarding school

When I was two and a half years old I remember being sent to a boarding school in Darjeeling, India. I was this ever smiling kid, with just a few teeth and bob cut hair. I held my Mum’s little finger and walked to the dorm. We had just dropped my brother in his dorm and now was my turn. I was small, I didn’t realize mum was leaving me and going. I didn’t know I would go to sleep without her that night and many more nights to come. As mum recalls now, with my cute smile and the two buggsy teeth in front I kept waving “tatta maa” and I held the warden’s hand and kept walking. The school was huge and I was the youngest one. From the first day onwards I was pampered a lot. I have a very good memory and remember most of what happened even when I was a kid. The whole school, its images, memories everything dances in front of my eyes when I think of it. That night I was given a bed alone, but then I wanted to go to mum and I just wouldn’t sleep. I cried and cried until the warden made me sleep with her. From the first day itself I started sleeping next to my warden. She took good care of me as I was everyone’s favorite ever smiling baby. This was the only time when I had not known that when mum leaves I will see her only after months. When she came to meet me in monsoon break I was so so so happy but then this time when she came to drop me back at the hostel I knew she was leaving me again. I just wouldn’t let go of her hand. I cried and cried and thinking of it I still cry. I can remember how tough it was for mum as she tried to control her tears on seeing her baby cry so much. Sometimes I wonder why mum and dad left me there but then I try to think maybe there were reasons she had to. Of course they did get us back  home when they saw we wanted them and kept us close. Sometimes I don’t feel good about having such a good memory… I remember not only the good things but the bad ones too :(.



3 thoughts on “The day when I realized I was in a boarding school

  1. Good post. One suggestion is I would begin talking from the perspective of a two-year-old building up and explaining that you discovered you were at a boarding school. Build the reader up.

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