A delivery gone wrong

Being in the hospitality industry I have always been trained to treat my guests and customers in a polite and warm way. However, recently all my experiences with various restaurants have been proving that many establishments care only about how the staff behave within the boundaries of the establishment and do not take an effort to train those who will be delivering the food in case of home delivery orders. All it needs to qualify for being a delivery agent is having a vehicle to carry out the delivery and know basic English. But aren’t even the delivery guys representing the establishment to those who are not physically experiencing the service at the hotel but experiencing the service at home? Today when I ordered food from Freshmenu, an online food delivery site which I make use of very often, the food was pretty amazing but the delivery experience ruined my meal. The delivery agent was very impolite and used improper words while talking. When I confronted him I was given many excuses and the agent even lied that he wasn’t talking to me. He was pretty rude. Moreover when I told him I would take action and report the issue to the customer service he said, “yeah okay go complain”. It was evident that they they did not fear a complain as maybe no action would be taken against them even if they were reported. Daily training is conducted for the staff so that they treat the guests well, so why not train even those who deliver. Over the past few months a few more incidencts as such have occurred where the delivery personnel was way below the mark and I wonder how many of them were corrected later on.


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