All about Radz!

It was my first day at my boarding school, 14th November 2011, when mum left after leaving me in the hostel. I sat on my bed and cried. I missed her, I was scared, I didn’t know how I would manage. The other girls in the dorm saw me crying and tried to talk to me and get me distracted. I remember Shraddha, Mansi, Pooja, Anchal, Rinky all talking to me cracking jokes trying to make me smile. And on one corner of the bed I can still recall this small girl sitting and listening but not talking much. After dinner time when everyone got busy with their work this girl came to me sat with me offered me something and started talking to me. She was younger to me. She was this cute little kid from what I can remember. She was Radhika, my best friend to be for many years to come. From that day on wards we started talking, sharing secrets, gossiping at times. She would miss home and cry to sleep and so would I but some where in few months she became my family there in school. I remember after the Winter break when she was so excited to see me that she jumped on to me and hugged me. I feel nostalgic as I dig into the memories now. There were days when we fought and then cried, there were days when there were gifts, there were nights when the entire dorm shhhh’ed us to sleep as we kept talking. We always had something to share. After she left that year I was left alone in school but she still kept in touch after leaving. After a year she shifted her house to the same locality as mine. It was now the best as we would spend so much time together. We were so close and loved each other so much that people teased us to be lovers. The sleepovers at our houses, those secrets, those day outs, the fun is all engraved in my heart. After I moved away to study she moved away too. Life got in the way. There have been sweet and sour times throughout the friendship but the memories will always be cherished. We got busy with our lives as we grew up, some misunderstandings and some issues drew us apart. I don’t know if I am still her best friend or not but she has been the last I ever had. She has set the bar so high that I can never find a better one than her. However far we are now, I hope we cross paths once and I hope that day will be one memorable day.


2 thoughts on “All about Radz!

  1. Hey baby I missed u too so much… N things apart u r bestie always free me… I loved your blog about me so much it was such a beautiful thing fr me it touched my heart and tears rolled from my eyes. . Love you forever

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