Look up! Look around!

In this world full of technologies such as phones, computers, video games and music players we have the world at our fingertips but we miss so much what we really have around us. Take a moment and look up from your phone and enjoy the environment around you. Look up and notice that girl or guy admiring you from the corner of their eyes. They might be your future mate. You never know what is happening around you or with you until it happens. So why wait till it happens and not make it happen? Look up from your screen in the park and see kids play and dive into your childhood memories. Look up to see an old man trying to cross the road. Go help him and earn your good deed for the day. Look up to see your favorite celebrity pass by. Look around and see a bird build its nest. Look up to see one take its first flight. Look around, you might see someone who might be heart broken and could use your comforting words. Look up to see your future best friend pass by. You miss so much when you don’t pay attention to the environment around you. Technology will stay but the moments will pass. Memories that could have lasted a lifetime could not be created because you were so engrossed in your device that you didn’t make an effort. There’s a time for everything, time to look around, time to enjoy your gadget, time to play, time to study and time to build your life and the memories. Don’t get caught up in the glamour of something and let what is actually valuable slip away.


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