Saturday evening is an evening for yourself

Throughout the week on the weekdays you slog and slog to meet deadlines, submit assignments, study for tests or prepare for presentations and on the Sundays you wish to spend some quality family time. So, when do you give some time to yourself? Aren’t you your best buddy? Don’t you want to know your buddy a bit more? After all its only you who will stick to your side no matter what happens.

I have always wanted to put up this post even before I had my own blog. Well, what I feel is that Saturdays are the days for just yourself. Just because all your friends are out clubbing or partying does not mean that it is a norm to party on Saturday evenings. What I want to make clear here is that just because you don’t want to go for a party on a Saturday evening and instead would like to spend some time at home or with yourself, it does not make you socially uncool (as many people think it does). There are endless number of things that you could enjoy doing on Saturday evenings after which you will wake up happy and contended next morning and not with a headache from a hangover. When my friends ask me what I am doing on a Saturday and I say “I’ll order some good food, watch my favorite movie, have a nice dessert and go to bed with music on” they often reply, “how sad, don’t you have friends to go out with on a Saturday eve to party?” Well, what is so sad about me relaxing for just one evening? I see my friends every single day throughout the week and it won’t hurt either of us to not meet one eve!

In this post I would like to note down the many things you could do on a Saturday evening and absolutely enjoy it without any regrets. Maybe some of your party lover friends might get too tired of partying one fine day and just ask you for some tips on how to enjoy their Saturday in a relaxing way.

Some people have half days on Saturdays and some have the whole day off. For those of you who have an off on a Saturday can spend half the day just like another Sunday or maybe just finish off your due work for Monday so that you can be stress free throughout the weekend. Otherwise after all the fun you have on Sunday you will have to sit and complete you work for Monday morning.

When evening begins to set in here are the things you can do.

1.Put on the fairy lights and turn on the music

You need to get the atmosphere right to enjoy anything. How would you like to sip wine from an elegant glass sitting on a roadside shack? It would not go together right? Similarly, if you want to enjoy the evening with yourself make it look warm and cozy and romantic. It is after all a romantic evening with yourself.

2. Read that novel you always wanted to.

Have you been passing by the book store and longing to buy that book you had just read the review about? Buy it…. NOW. Or do you have this book that you have bought or have been gifted long ago and still haven’t read it? Well this is when you attack at the content. Get all cozy in your pajamas with a cup of hot chocolate sit on your couch and dig into the book.

3. Order your favorite food and rent out a movie

This is my favorite. I just love to treat myself with my comfort food and watch a good movie. I sometimes end up watching many movies and one of them has to be scary one to help me finish my tub of ice cream or any other dessert. Saturday evenings are those evenings when I don’t mind how much I eat or what I eat. You can always get over a silly fight with your friend over dessert.

4. A bubble bath with some wine 

If you have had a terrible week with your boss this week or have just finished your mid terms and are so stressed and that you can’t even fall asleep then this is your thing!  A hot bubble bath can relieve you of all your grievances, stress and put you to the best sleep you’ve ever had.

5. Go on a date with yourself

Some people ask me if I feel weird to go out alone and have dinner at a restaurant alone. Well initially I would some times feel weird about how people would perceive me going for dinner alone. Will they think I am too lonely for life or am I waiting for someone who didn’t turn up? There were many silly things that pulled me back many a times from going to my favorite places and then I would end up having cold food ordered from those places. But then I felt, its my food, I will pay for it, it will enter my tummy and make me happy so who cares what the others think. I know its what I chose and not what happened to me. This was where I felt really nice and plugged in my earphones and with a book or a well charged tab with a movie on it I would boldly enter my favorite place, dine to my heart’s content and walk out, not bothered about how many people stared at me sitting alone.


Put on some calm good music, have an early dinner and sleep. You might get 12 or more hours of sleep and you should wake up without an alarm.

7. You could bake or cook.

Gather your supplies during the day and bake  or cook a yum dessert or a meal for yourself and enjoy it with some good beverage.

8.You could go for a swim.

Go for a swim and have a hearty meal. You will be tired yet relaxed, your tummy will be full and you will sleep like a baby.

9. Shopping?

It might be a bit crowded at the malls, but there’s really no wrong time for shopping or just window shopping. On the way back treat yourself with whatever you feel like. Let this be you cheat day.

10. Sketch.

Maybe you have an artistic side that you haven’t uncovered yet. Take a paper and bring your thoughts to life. You might be able to draw the best sketch of your life.

Along with these there are so many more things you could do. Just do whatever you feel like. Its your day. It’s your cheat day. Don’t moderate yourself one evening… nothing big happens in one day. You won’t loose anything. Run an extra mile on Sunday to compensate for Saturday but trust me it’s okay and you will be just fine. Whether you want to go out and party or just spend the night with your blanket, its your day. No one will judge you.

At the end of the day, just do what makes you happy and will help you wake up fresh and contented the next morning. Have an amazing weekend.

See you soon around :).



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