Farewell to an amazing mentor

As our entire department gathered this evening to bid a warm farewell to our beloved Prof. Jay Kumar, one could sense the close bonds that had been created between our teachers and students over the past few years. Prof. Jay Kumar has been teaching in our university since past 15 years or more and this evening was a very emotional one for him. With him leaving, the department would lose a huge chunk but then our other teachers would definitely fill the gap. As he stood there speaking to the entire crowd for maybe the last time, with a heavy voice he could recall his first day at this university so many years back. As students and teachers spoke about the role sir has been playing all along, many of us tried to suppress a tear as the bond with sir is very special. Professor being a humble and disciplined man, would often advise people for their betterment and even while leaving today he did the same. Throughout these years I have never seen sir lose his temper. He always possessed a unique calmness. He would no doubt be strict with students and keep them disciplined, he had his own way of getting students to do their work.

I have always looked up to Prof. Jay Kumar and he has always given me the best advice. He has always been the fire brigade and would always be all ears if you ever came up to him with a problem or just wanted to talk. For many small and big issues of mine, I have bugged sir at odd times and sir would never tell me to come later or that he was busy. Instead he would leave aside all other work just to hear us out and do what he could to solve our problems. Today few major things that I am following can be attributed to the push I got from sir when I was in the dilemma about where to step. As he spoke today, with a lump in my throat I wanted to meet him before he left but by the time I went he had left. As I could not bid him good-bye this is my attempt to tell you sir, what you mean to me and all of us. Things will change with you not being around. Every break I won’t have a fire brigade to run to. I hope to meet you some day later when you come and that will be the day I will make you proud.

Here are a few lines for you,

You’ve always been a mentor,

And never let us down.

There were times when you scolded us ,

And times when we were pampered,

Bitter memories cannot be recalled,

Among all the sweet ones.

Where ever you go,

The number of miles you cross,

Memories with you will always remain,

Where ever you go,

Where ever you are,

Your bond with us,

Will forever last.

You will be missed sir. Wish you good luck for your future :).


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