Are your exams coming up and you are freaking out? Relax there Buddy!!! It’s just another exam 

With the mid-term examinations approaching, many of us are having sleepless nights either studying or worrying about the few days left for the exam. However, this is the time when you need to maintain your calm the most and get proper sleep so that your brain can function to its fullest. With last moment studies becoming the trend nowadays I can understand how stressed one can get at the last moment to get portions covered. I have friends who study just the night before the exam and score a distinction but crash onto bed immediately as the exam gets over. Remember, how much ever you score, how many ever records you break, you need to be healthy to enjoy that success.


You can sleep six, eight or the suggested 7.5 hours daily but before exams you need to make sure you get a 6 hours of sleep minimum. Keep yourself well hydrated at all times and make sure you consume a lot of fruits during and before your examination period. This however, does not imply that you should stop after the exams get over.


Since my childhood I have always been taught to write and learn. I would like to pass it on to you but with a slight modification. Take notes while you read and learn. Write down all the important points as you go through every paragraph. One useful technique I apply is I keep a notepad next to me text-book and I divide each page into half horizontally. Both the halves are written in different colors. In the first half I write down the important points from the page and in the second half I make my notes or write down what I understood using flowcharts, examples, diagrams,etc. Another way to effectively study would be using highlighters effectively. If you do not know how to use a highlighter properly you will just end up coloring your book. If you go to highlight everything that is important you will still end up coloring the book because if it was not important it would not have been published in the first place. So, you need to underline the key words or sentences in a paragraph which you think is of importance or will constitute your answer. You can later use different color to highlight examples.


At times, you won’t feel like looking at your books at all or will have a feeling that you cannot take it anymore. Just shut the book and get up. During such situations splash some cold water on your face, walk around for a bit and listen to some music and make sure you blink a lot. While studying from laptops keep looking away from the screen at frequent intervals and keep blinking as the eyes tend to get dry and get strained excessively leading to headaches and in turn a ruined exam. When you feel really tired take a power nap and sit back to study with a cup of hot tea or even water will do.


Once you finish 95% of your study you tend to leave 5% for the morning before the examination. I do that too. But there have been situations when I have woken up and felt blank and helpless as if I was reading the same answers for the first time. I know it’s a little scary at that time but don’t panic. Its right there in your head just that your brain is still asleep and needs a little time to get back on track. So when you wake up with a fresh mind revise whatever you finished studying and then keep the last hour for the remaining 5%.


Some people can benefit greatly from group studies and some can just end up gossiping about something that happened the other day. It is necessary to identify if the model of group study is suitable for you and if it is then choose the right set of people to study with.

Now that you have read all this, I think you will be able to relax a little more now that you know how to maintain your focus. Exams can take a toll on your health so make sure you keep munching healthy foodstuffs and don’t skip meals. Consume lots of fluids and fresh fruits. Go through the entire post once again and you will be even more clear about what is am trying to convey. Now, go wash your face, drink some cold water and with a high spirit get back to studying again.

All the best! I know you will do well 🙂 .


17 thoughts on “Are your exams coming up and you are freaking out? Relax there Buddy!!! It’s just another exam 

  1. I’m also a student and yes the best study technique I find for myself is, “Don’t study hard; Study smart”. I probably live by that mantra, and it works the best for me. It eliminates the shear stress I get from having to over-saturating my already spent mind after long hours of classes and travel.


  2. Maybe I’m odd, but I disagree with taking notes while you read. Granted, there are different styles of learners. I would find that when I was taking notes while I was reading I would be looking for what to write down next, rather than paying attention to the content.

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    1. Hey Kimberly, I totally agree with you but the thing is that different people have their own way of studying. As for me I wouldn’t suggest taking down notes blindly but instead understand the concept and take notes in your ow words as you proceed through the chapter.


      1. It wasn’t anything I intentionally did, but once I realized what I was doing and stopped taking notes while I was reading I retained more of the content. Everyone learns differently, and if it were a much more intensive subject, like chemistry, my experience might have been different.


      2. Yeah, I totally get you :). I can relate to you as some times when it is a huge theory based subject I end up spending time writing notes than reading. But for certain conceptual subjects it definitely helps me .


      3. Hey I need your help urgently please 😦 I cannot find a way to comment in community pool or any place as a matter of fact. The comment box is missing. How do I comment?


  3. I’m struggling to find motivation to study for my upcoming GCSEs, my predicted grades are high and the expectations are a lot to live up to. I’ve left it all very late and I’m not sure how to salvage the A*s which were once within my grasp.


    1. Hey Rosie, I can totally relate to your situation. As you say expectations are a lot to live up to, I would want to suggest you to rethink about it. Do not do anything because others expect it from you. Do it because you feel its what you are supposed to. Here, study hard…not because you have to prove yourself to someone or make someone happy but because you need to achieve your dreams, your goals and ambitions. The A*s are still within your grasp just that you need to refocus and re-prioritize. Trust me everything will fall in place. Don’t study for hours together, study for few but when you do give your hundred percent. Everything else can wait and come back, these years won’t. I am sure you will ace it.
      All the best for your exam Rosie :). Do reach out to me if I you find my words helpful or for further motivation. 🙂


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