Oreo with some Cockroach milk???

“Ewwwww……” Isn’t that how you reacted when you read the heading? Hahahaha, well I did too but when I researched further about it I wanted to share the information I got, with you. I know you must be wondering, “how does a cockroach produce milk when it lays eggs and is not a mammal?” Well, out of all the different types of cockroaches present ( in my case, whichever type they might be I will always end up running to save my life if I see one) the Pacific Beetle cockroach also known as Diplopetra Punctata feeds its baby bugs a formula which is a type of milk and is rich in fat, sugar and protein. Even though milk from cockroaches cannot be considered as true milk, it has more than double the energy obtained from buffalo or cow milk! These cockroaches store the milk in their mid-gut in the form of protein crystals and feed their baby bugs this milk. This milk is important for the growth of the infants. Since, catching as many cockroaches possible and extracting crystals from their mid-gut to produce milk and feed the rapidly growing population does not seem to be a feasible option, scientists are looking for an easier way for producing large quantities of this milk. May be once they figure that out you will be able to lay your hands on a pack of Cockroach milk and dunk your cookies into it???? Appetizing… isn’t it?


7 thoughts on “Oreo with some Cockroach milk???

  1. Now this is an interesting post. I have never heard of cockroach milk. I’m still not certain that I wanted to hear about it today either. However, I pride myself on being open-minded, so OK I read the whole post. I can now thank God again that I have other types of milk to drink. Almond, coconut, goat, etc. I’m a vegetarian. I’ll just convince myself that I am getting all the vitamins and such I need from this milk, and leave the cockroach babies to enjoy their cookies with the milk you’ve described. Eek Gads!

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