Oreo with some Cockroach milk???

“Ewwwww……” Isn’t that how you reacted when you read the heading? Hahahaha, well I did too but when I researched further about it I wanted to share the information I got, with you. I know you must be wondering, “how does a cockroach produce milk when it lays eggs and is not a mammal?” Well, out of all the different types of cockroaches present ( in my case,¬†whichever type they might be I will always end up running to save my life if I see one) the Pacific Beetle cockroach also known as Diplopetra Punctata feeds its baby bugs a formula which is a type of milk and is rich in fat, sugar and protein. Even though milk from cockroaches cannot be considered as true milk, it has more than double the energy obtained from buffalo or cow milk! These cockroaches store the milk in their mid-gut in the form of protein crystals and feed their baby bugs this milk. This milk is important for the growth of the infants. Since, catching as many cockroaches possible and extracting crystals from their mid-gut to produce milk and feed the rapidly growing population does not seem to be a feasible option, scientists are looking for an easier way for producing large quantities of this milk. May be once they figure that out you will be able to lay your hands on a pack of Cockroach milk and dunk your cookies into it???? Appetizing… isn’t it?


The missing piece in the puzzle of my life!

I have always been a dreamer since the time I was a kid. I remember those days when I would spend the entire evening sitting in the balcony….. gazing over the sea, admiring the sunset and just dreaming of what I wanted to do or how I wanted the world to know me or just countless random things. But recently, I realized that those dreams have grown bigger now and have become much more practical. I have realized that I need to get into action to make those dreams come true and now is the best time to make that change.

Well, I have spent the most of my life in Mumbai and am very attached to the city even though I moved out couple of years back to pursue further studies. The noise of the city, the people, the culture, the food (essentially) makes me feel as if I always belonged there. The city has given me some lovely memories and the bad ones are forgotten. There are so many things to the city which you can never find elsewhere. Its like, my city knows me and it welcomes me every time I go back. There are situations when I so want to go back but I constantly remind myself as to why I took the decision of leaving and coming this far. Going back as a change would be the best for me.

Now, if I had to describe myself in a few words I would say,

I am a Bengali and a BIIIGGGG foodie.

I keep a Betta as my pet in my hostel.

In my free time I like to enjoy some good movies, T.V series, read blogs and cycle for a bit.

My hobbies are swimming, sleeping, eating and dreaming.

I have a crazy bond with water :P.

I dislike two-faced people and people who show off.

Through this blog I would like to reach out to like-minded people, share my experiences, my thoughts, my recipes or just inform you a bit more.

I am just laying the stepping stone for my dream to come true. I think this blog was one of the missing pieces in the puzzle of my life. With all your love and support I am sure my dream will soon come true!