Why am I here?

I have always loved to write and express myself on paper. Since my childhood I loved English language exams and my favorite part in the paper would be the essay, story writing and letter writing. Here, I could express myself and my teachers were always impressed by the way I wrote. I had a strong competition in class but I  never feared English. However, as I changed schools and my new school was in a village my exposure to the language was much more than my friends so I didn’t really have any growth there for four whole years and efforts from to learn my side also decreased. Eventually as I moved into college I found myself looking for words at times…. the same words which would otherwise just pour out. I found myself hesitating while talking because I knew I was lagging behind and others knew much more. Then I learnt about blogs and realized that it could be the perfect platform for me to begin writing again and entering the run again. However, I took quite some time to start my blog.

Through my blog I wish to reach out to all those I share interests with. In my blog I would be talking about something interesting that I might come across, incidents I feel are worth talking about, about myself, my experiences and happenings in my life. Being a student of hospitality my posts might sometimes even be related to my profession. As I moved to a new city somewhere I will even talk about my city and how I am coping with the changes. Sometimes I get a bit poetic and also look at thing from a different perspective so you can expect to see pieces of my work here and there. I might occasionally put up a few tips that I have gathered through my experiences and learning. I hope to keep all of you engaged. Hope to see you around :).