Why am I here?

At the age of 22 as I sit through several mock interviews I realize that while reading novels, flipping through comics and endlessly binge watching TV series I might missed out on a lot that has been going on all around the world. Where as a kid I would answer who the 2nd president of India in a second, this time I was thinking. Somewhere I knew it but I just couldn’t recollect it.

I am sure that even though there is a huge population who loves to read and keep themselves updated, there may be a few like me who have lost track. Well, I want to build up. Not only so that I can do well in my interviews but basically so that I am well read, well aware and informed.

Every blog has its own purpose. My purpose here is to grow everyday in this arena and develop my general knowledge and current affairs information. I wish to take along with me all those who want to build their database from scratch.

By the way, who loves to just study all the while?

Definitely not me.

So I would like to introduce another column to my blog. I love to express myself on paper and also strongly believe in the power of gratitude. A small part of my blog will thus be dedicated to something I love, a place where I try to amalgamate my love for words and gratitude. Anddddd…occasional book reviews can be expected too :).

If by the end of each month, I am able to learn at least 15 new things and help you learn them too, the purpose of my blog would have been accomplished.